Imagery a Win

Picture THIS - winning $100 000 for your start-up.

This post is an update to a previous post titled  The Parameters of Play - one of many rambles about the creative process. On that occasion it was my fortune to work with a fabulous entrepreneur by the name of Helen Bird from Street Foods Australia.

Helen required pictures for the purpose of promoting her ambitious start-up project to bring street food to Australia. The images were to be used in various magazine and newspaper feature articles. Additionally, Helen required photographic images to support her bid for a $100K winner takes all prize in an entrepreneur design contest.

A few months after the shoot I received a text from Helen from Sydney saying “We WON!!! And you helped us win!” She bagged the $100K. The woman blew my own trumpet, by gosh, and she also validated my belief that imagery produced via sound concept development process is a winner.

The take home message, ladies and gents, is don’t skimp on creativity – it may be difficult to assess or predict the precise return, but creativity has ROI.

Get the picture?