Is this the sweetest little face you've ever seen?

It is the first portrait I have had time to produce from the 30th anniversary of the Commonwealth Games Protests event earlier this month. As well as shooting key aspects of the event such as the rally and corroboree, I took as many portraits as I could. They will become a part of the archives for future generations. Who knows, this child may become a movement leader.

The issue of Aboriginal Sovereignty is immensely important, so I am very pleased to be a member of the media collective for The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereignty Embassy. The collective includes photographers, videographers, writers and oral history recorders.The work produced will be properly archived for future generations.

During October 5-7 a program of events was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Commonwealth Games Protests. Events included forums, concerts, a church service, corroboree and a protest rally. Movement leaders from far and wide came to participate. It was very inspiring to hear them speak. They are pictured here leading the march across the Victoria Bridge with the city in the background.

It was wonderful to be a part of this historical event. Now I have loads of photographs to edit! As well as photographing various scenes such as the rally and corroboree, I did a lot of what I love to do best – candid portraits.

Photographs will be able to be seen in high-res on my website gallery.

To find out more, view a terrific video comprised of footage from the event and from 1982.