La Luz y la Sombra

Now there's a face. This guy is sporting some top-shelf wrinkles - wrinkles of such magnitude one might even call them 'rumples'. A soft light falling upon such faces can render an appearance with the appeal of the suns last rays over some vast terrain - the valleys and rivulets hinting at the vicissitudes of the person's history. Every face tells a story, as they say...but let me not fall into the chasm of cliché, as I dangle my metaphorical tootsies from it's precipice. [That was a metaphor about metaphors...but I digress.] 

So there I am with my camera...and there's that face. How do I capture it's  topography with optimum chiaroscuro? The face, la luz y la sombra [the light and the shadow] will make the portrait - not the face alone. There was a doorway a few steps away. I asked the man to stand just inside it, away from the direct light. The soft ambient light fell beautifully across his rugged face, and the blackness of the room behind bestowed a brooding atmosphere, while leaving all focus on the face. See more street photography on my website.